50 Best Shower Gifts 2018

Give the expectant mama a great gift she'll  appreciate for years. The Humanity Family Sleeper is the perfect shower gift. Featured in 2018 best baby shower gifts @ heavy.com https://heavy.com/baby/2016/06/best-baby-shower-gifts-unique-new-ideas/

Here's what they said-

Here is a really useful and unique gift for moms who plan on co sleeping. Cosleeping comes with its own unique set of challenges, including diaper leaks and keeping squirmy babies safe from the edge of the bed. Many cosleeping families place their mattress on the ground, but this is still a pretty big drop for an infant. It is best to have something at the edge of the bed to block their way and prevent any falls. This pillow does just that, and it will not wiggle out of place in the middle of the night because mom and baby sleep on top of the attached pad. The pad also provides an extra layer of absorption if there is a leaky diaper accident. Even if she is not planning on cosleeping, this pad can help create a safe play space on the bed for when she is just relaxing with her baby. The pillow also doubles as a body pillow while she is pregnant. The pillow and pad are made of eco friendly organic cotton and an eco-poly fill inside of the pillow. (Click the pic for a link)