Baby Steps To Green

Happy Spring!

Spring brings with it the feeling of renewal, regeneration and the desire to get things going!

-Seeds in the garden, spring cleaning, taking action on those New Year's resolutions or getting out and taking a springtime walk.

Spring is also the perfect time to start going green as a part of your path to a healthier lifestyle for your family.

It's tough knowing where to begin with so much info, and so many choices. Our BABY Steps To Going Green will make it easier and fun too!

Baby Step 1- Taking your shoes off before entering your home 

  • pesticides, germs and even antibiotic resistant bacteria can be found on your shoes? If your family is resistant to taking off their shoes, getting cozy slippers or 'house only' shoes will make it more inviting. Cozy toes and comfy feet will make this an easy change for your family. Find some helpful links below.
  • Toxins, bacteria, mud and dirt, even damaged floors - all from wearing outside shoes indoors. They can also be noisy and keeping your free flowing toes in shoes all day isn't healthy for your feet. Some cultures have observed shoes off lifestyle for a long time, and it's catching on here too as not only a healthy home choice, but as a sign of respect- "it mentally prepares you to make the transition of leaving the outside energy at the door and reminding you that you’re entering a different space.” says home organizer Marie Kondo.
  • Asphalt- The study also found that those who lived adjacent to asphalt pavements with coal-tar-based pavement sealants were at an increased risk of cancer. Most of the increase was in children.
  • Herbisides-2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid was found in homes where this lawn chemical was applied to the lawn either professionally or by the homeowner.                                                                                                          
  • Bacteria-One study found that 421,000 units of bacteria on average are on the outside of the shoe.                                                                                            
  • Cuts down on dirt- let dirt means LESS housework!!                                              
  • Improves foot health- going barefooted or shoe free is good for your feet.                                                                                                                                       

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