Baby Steps to Green- Composting

Welcome back to our Baby Steps to Green journey.

This week we're heading compost.

More than 20 percent of all garbage heading to the landfill is food waste. That's a lot of garbage that could easily be recycled

Tossing kitchen scraps and left overs into the trash bin also attracts insects, molds...and makes your garbage extra stinky!

By composting all food and table scraps, you'll be reducing pests, stinky odors and turning  'garbage' into new rich soil for your garden or's easy!!

first off....what is composting?

Basically, composting is taking decaying food or plant matter and turning it into soil. 

When we send our plant matter from left overs, kitchen scraps, leaves or grass clippings to the land fill, bugs, birds and natural creepy crawlies don't get to eat away at the decomposing plant matter....partly because it's bagged in plastic, preventing necessary oxygen for decomposition, and partly because once your bags head to the landfill, they are soon covered, where the decomposition is again halted.

Decomposition via composting on the other hand starts in just hours and you can have fully composted soil in as little as 3 months. A composting system can be as simple as a pile on the ground...this is how we do it on our farm...or can be more elaborate with partitions to sort newer from older compost or barrels that are easy to rotate and make soil faster. You can also make DIY versions to save money.

There are a variety of bins you can purchase to hold your scraps until you actually compost them, or you can use an old bucket or even a glass or metal bowl. Some people toss scraps in a bag in the freezer to keep odors down until they can get it out to the composter or out to the city compost pick up. 

And be sure to check your packaging as well. There are more companies providing compostable packing material like corn starch packing beans to compostable containers that hold mushrooms, tomatoes or other produce. Those items can be added to your compost too. (check out our compostable kitty toys here)

Whether you're pitching your scraps in to the city compost system or tossing your green 'garbage' in your own bin in the back yard, you'll be helping make new, fresh soil for planet earth and sending less to the landfill. Win, Win!!

Think of the impact we could have on landfills if everyone started a simple compost pile. -if you live in the city, check to see if your local collection service offers compost pickup, or check our links below for systems you can use to compost right in your apartment!

Another baby step to a green lifestyle for your family. 🌿

We've added helpful links below to help you get started with composting.

Stylish compost bins- click here-  but remember, you can use any old bowl or bucket to get started!

How to compost- click here  , here, or here, for how to and getting started info. 

Happy composting!!♻️