Baby Steps to Green- Natural Cleaners

Welcome back! Still in the kitchen this week, and we're talking about cleaning.

Cleaning products can be a source of many chemicals and artificial ingredients, plus they are costly and the packaging adds to the landfill.

Here are some great Homemade cleansers that will do the job, rid your home of the chemicals and toxins, and because you can reuse the container you make them in, less waste for the planet.

First you need to gather a few supplies. Simple spray bottles available at the local dollar or department store or glass bottles with spray nozzles can be reused over and over.  You can also rinse out old cleanser bottles and use them for these recipes. Try not to use bottles that previously had toxic cleansers in them though. 

Please note- the essential oils are for fragrance only in these recipes. You can leave them out if you prefer. 

 Easy All Purpose Cleaner- Perfect for the kitchen. Cuts oil and grease, it's made from just 4 simple ingredients and you can choose any fragrance you like.

ingredients -

1 3/4 cup tap water or distilled water

1 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup liquid castile soap like Dr. Bronner's or a similar brand (unscented)

essential oil of your choice- lavender, orange, lemon, or even tea tree. 

(about 30 drops of essential oil)

How to- Mix all of the ingredients in the bottle using a funnel to prevent spilling. Put the lid or cap on and give a good shake. Be sure to label the bottle or use a permanent marker.  Once you have a few homemade cleaners around the house it can get confusing which is which.

Give your cleaner a good shake before using to mix in the oils that can separate after sitting for a while. 

This stuff works great, doesn't leave a residue and you don't have to rinse it after use. There's NOTHING toxic in it either, so you can use it on highchairs, kitchen tables, counters, stovetops and more. 

 Easy No Streak Glass Cleaner- This 4 ingredient, NO streak glass cleaner is super easy to make and will save you money too.


1 cup rubbing alcohol

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup distilled or tap water

plus 30 drops essential oil of your choice 

How to-

Same as the last recipe, just use a funnel to add the ingredients to your bottle, put on the spray top, and give a shake to stir. 

This glass cleaner works better than the standard store bought traditional and natural versions for me. The windows came so clean it looked like the glass was missing. Not kidding. I found spraying the window from top to bottom, giving it a few seconds to break any grime or fingerprints down, then wiping worked best. You can go over really messy doggy nose prints...several times for best results. AND, since it's non toxic, you don't really have to worry about using extra or it spraying residue to your floor below because it's just water, vinegar and alcohol. 

 Easy Wood Cleaner- This easy make wood cleaner is GREAT for your cabinets, wood tables, and you can take it along to clean your living room tables, bed room side tables and more! 


1/1/2 cups distilled or tap water

1 cup white vinegar

8 tablespoons olive oil (avoid soy or corn oil as they can leave a sticky residue)

30 drops of orange or lemon oil- I like to use orange as it's often used in wood preservation and cleaning products, has wood conditioning properties and smells great!

how to-

Again, just funnel the ingredients into the bottle...I used an old dishwashing liquid bottle with the pop up top so I can shake it vigorously before using and easily squirt it into a thick cleaning cloth to wipe on my cabinets and other wooden surfaces like our coffee table and piano top, that way, I'm not getting off spray of oil on other surfaces nearby.

I LOVE this stuff. It removed fingerprints and marks from my cupboards and gave them a nice sheen. The more you use it, the more it will condition your wooden furniture pieces.

Making homemade cleansers SAVES MONEY, keeps your home CHEMICAL FREE,   and...they WORK GREAT! 

another plus is, children LOVE helping around the house, and you can feel better knowing it's just vinegar, water and natural fragrance that might get on their little hands. Of course always encourage the little ones to wash up afterwards, never put cleansers in their mouths or eyes, and always ask mom or dad if it's safe first.

We hope these cleanser recipes will help you take a BIG baby step toward a more natural lifestyle. These cleansers can be used not only in the kitchen, but the bathroom, laundry area, living room, bedrooms, (glass cleaner) EVERY window in the house and even car windows, greenhouse cleanup, and more.

I find these recipes make more than I can put in my small spray bottles, so I store the excess in old quart jars with labels for easy refill when I run out.  

Pass these fun, inexpensive recipes around to family and friends. 

I created a printable version below.

Easy Cleaner Recipes printable click here

Thanks for joining us in the Baby Steps to Green journey!

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