Baby Steps to Green- Room by Room

Going Green can be fun and easy. Follow along with our weekly Baby Steps to greening up YOUR home.

Room by Room-  

Baby Step 2-

We'll start with the Laundry Room. Take a look a the products you use in your laundry room. Compared to other rooms, this is an easy place to start because there aren't really that many products to tackle and they can be homemade or easily bought in Natural or Organic versions.

You can switch all of your products at once on your next shopping trip, or just one at a time as they run out. You will find some you like, some you don't (try again) but each switch will be a step to a healthier lifestyle and less toxins for your family.

Laundry Soap- The laundry soap section at most grocery stores now carry at least a couple of natural choices. Read the packages for ingredient lists, read the companies stance on environmentalism, packaging and recyclability, and of course price will be a consideration too.  You can also make your own laundry soap from simple ingredients and save even more money, reuse the same bottle or packaging over and over and you'll know exactly what's going on your families laundry. 

Natural Laundry Soap Recipe plus lots of info about the toxins in traditional laundry products.

Laundry Softener & Dryer Sheets- We gave up softener many years ago, and found that the dryer got our laundry soft enough for our needs, but if you're really hooked on that super fluffy feel, there are natural fabric softeners at the store and you can try these online recipes for homemade.

Natural Fabric Softener Recipe-

Adding white vinegar to your final rinse of your washing machine will add softness. It's all natural and inexpensive. Dryer sheets contain plenty of toxins and artificial ingredients and fragrances too, so we found using Dryer Balls has helped keep static down, softens the laundry and drys your laundry faster too. You can buy them, or make them yourselves.

Dryer Balls How To- you can add natural essential oils for fragrance too. 

Don't forget in the warm weather you can hang your laundry out to dry. If your towels come out rough you can just toss them in the dryer on air/no heat cycle for a few minutes to soften them up and you'll still be saving energy compared to a full heated cycle.

Washing Machine Cleaner- If you've used washing machine cleaner you know it has A LOT of chemicals and can make the whole house smell like fake perfume. Using simple ingredients like white vinegar (this stuff is great for so many household cleaning chores) borax, baking soda and essential oils will de slime and de stink your washing machine naturally.

And don't forget to clean out the dryer occasionally to get rid of built up lint that will cause your dryer to need a longer cycle and can cause a house fire.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. We hope these tips will help you and your family with your Baby Step To Green.