Spring Has Sprung!

Happy St. Patty's Day, and Happy Spring!

Feeling sleepy?  Tossing and turning from an old uncomfortable pillow?

Find your perfect night of sleep now. 

Choose from 3 all natural pillow fills. ALL organic, ALL Made in the USA 

and ALL guaranteed too help you get some Zzzzs

Choose Kapok, Latex or BuckWheat. 



Both the kapok and buckwheat pillows are 'shapeable'.  Each pillow can be formed into the desired position for perfect support. Excellent for sufferers of neck or back pain. Offers customizable cervical support. 

Our latex pillow offers a more firm support, if you prefer your pillow keeping the same shape and maintaining a steady support through the night. 

All of our pillows are recyclable, compostable and all have organic cotton covers too!

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