Extra Large Hemp Yoga Bag

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  • 100% Hemp, Earth Friendly, Beautiful and Durable
  • Generous Size fits extra wide mats
  • Full length zipper  for easy mat access
  • Handy zippered side accessory pocket 
  • Made in USA

Our extra large, durable and stylish Eco-Friendly Hemp Yoga Mat bag will hold even extra thick and extra wide yoga mats and other tools such as towels, blocks, and water bottles.

Our Hemp Yoga Mat bag has a sturdy 5mm zipper running its full length allowing effortless access to your yoga mat...which cannot be said of the standard top load  bag that stick to the mat as you attempt to put it into the tiny opening.

Our Hemp Yoga Mat Bag features a 1.5 inch thick cotton webbing carrying shoulder strap that distributes weight the perfect amount.

2 sizes

large- 7" Diameter x 27" Length

extra large- 8" Diameter x 32" Length


available in natural or black