New Cork Yoga Blocks

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Support and deepen your yoga practice with cork yoga blocks or block sets.

  • Made of fast-growing, renewable cork, our cork yoga block is exceptionally firm and stable, comfortable, and durable making it the perfect tool for supported backbends and certain standing and sitting poses.
  • Our cork blocks are far superior to standard cork blocks because we use large grain cork pieces rather than cheap small grind cork common in the industry. Our large grain cork creates a block with greater strength and durability than fine grain cork which can easily shed their small grains leaving small cork pieces on your hands, mat or floor.Our large grain cork blocks are preferred by yoga and fitness studios for their quality.
  • Cork harvesting is a sustainable process which utilizes an environmentally beneficial plant in a renewable natural cycle. Unlike chemical foam blocks our cork yoga blocks have a comfortable natural grip in your hand as well as on your mat or floor which improves performance and safety.
  • Cork is solid, durable yet slightly porous, giving it the perfect balance of comfort (like foam) and stability (like wood) and better grip than any other block making it the perfect yoga block for supported poses.
  • Cork is a natural woody material, there's no chemical off-gassing as in foam blocks. Your yoga practice deserves the comfort and quality of our natural cork yoga blocks and our earth deserves this better choice as well.