O'Natural 'Kitty Critters' cat toys

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Keep your feline friends entertained with our super cute Kitty Critters cat toys.

Made using organic cotton, and reclaimed fabrics on the outside, and stuffed with organic cotton, kapok or other reclaimed fabrics on the inside.

These toys fill all of your kitty friend's cravings.

Squish, crinkle, wiggle and toss.

  • Kitty Critters toys are large enough for kitty to get a good grip, carry along or dig in with those back footies. 
  • They're soft and squishy and have a generous dose of Organic cat nip inside too.
  • Each toy has a 'crinkle zone' and fun wiggly outside bits to encourage more play.
  • All of our handmade toys is a unique piece of art, specially made just for your cat pals.
  • No dangerous buttons or parts to fall off. ALL toys have SAFE SEWN eyes, noses and other features.

Splash, Nibble, or Cluck. 

Choose from 3 fun designs. Fish, Mouse or Hen for your pet's next favorite toy.

They can be hand or machine washed on cool temp, hang or lay flat to dry or toss in the dryer on low heat. Ready for more play time. 

At the end of your toys play life, be sure to either toss in your compost bin, or separate the parts for recycling. 

approximately 10" long. (colors and fabrics may vary)

Our patterns and designs change regularly so check back often for new unique designs in new fun colors.

 Our reclaimed fabrics sometimes aren't organic, but are part of our reuse, reduce, recycle commitment. They come from bolt ends and other sewing projects leaving small fabric cuts and would be otherwise unusable. By incorporating them into our toys we're preventing waste and making a fun toy for your animal family at the same time. Sometimes our colors vary from those pictured on our site.

  • We hope you appreciate that our pet supplies come with limited packaging. Less garbage for the earth & you. Simple tags, and no plastic bags!